What is CSA?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  A CSA is a relationship between the grower and the consumer where consumers eliminate the grower's inherent risk in exchange for a season-long supply of fresh produce. The consumer pays up-front for a box full of fresh-picked produce to be received weekly. The concept has been growing rapidly across the United States, due to the emergence of the "buy local" philosophy.

Why Deercrest?
Deercrest Farm spans over 100 acres of orchards and fields growing over 30 different types of crops, with hundreds of different varieties among them.  Such a broad scope of produce promises to make our CSA better than others that have to buy items for their boxes or where customers receive similar items week to week. We can guarantee that what goes into our boxes was harvested by us.  You cannot get any fresher than that! Furthermore, Deercrest Farm is excited about making the CSA a mainstay of the farm and a continuation of our excellent reputation in the state.  We want to create a connection between the customers and the farm that makes you feel as though you are out in the fields with us!

What would be in our box?
In order to be able to accomodate a variety of situations we have created different "levels" of CSA membership. Boxes can be set at a $30 or $55 value per week, and for your choice of 16, 20 or 24 weeks. So whether it is just you and a spouse or a large family, we will strive to make your CSA experience work best. The boxes will include produce picked fresh from our fields, and anything we process at the farm, such as apple cider. Visit the "From our Fields" section of this site for the complete list of upcoming crops for 2024.  

How do I sign up?
Print out the registration form below and mail to us with your payment. Please do not email form. 
Need a form? No problem! Email us deercrestfarm@gmail.com and we'll be happy to mail you one.

Deercrest Farm
3499 Hebron Avenue
Glastonbury, Ct. 06033  (please be sure to include your email address)

A testimonial from one of our members:
I love your CSA! It is fantastic and I have told dozens of people about it. Every week is a beautiful surprise. It is a rare week that I don't come and hang around awhile and buy even more things from your stand. It is rarer still if I don't attack a veggie or fruit enroute home. More than once a berry box arrived home totally empty. But I indulge myself just as hungrily into fresh broccoli, peas, haricot vertes, and tomatoes. It is a wonderful challenge to use all the produce as it is only my husband and myself left at home, unless we have company. But, I have consistently used it ALL with no waste, ever. Asian curries and layered bakes have been a couple of my favorite ways to use 5 or 6 veggies in just one dish. How about that? 
Keep doing it just exactly as you have been. Kudos to you!   - Linda Crossman, Phd.  CSA Member

Deercrest Farm
2024 CSA